The Millennial Dad’s Increasing Role in Household Decisions

Being the sole breadwinner was the staple of the American dad, while mom stayed home and cared for the children and household. The Millennial Dad, however, has taken on a larger role in parenting and is often responsible for household tasks such as grocery shopping and cooking.

SKUlocal™ has discovered key insights about millennial dads, which will aid in building strategies to engage this important demographic to drive activation. Here are key highlights from this ground-breaking research:

  • 80% of millennial dads are doing all or part of the grocery shopping for their families.
  • Millennial dads do less comparison shopping than women, and are also more likely to make impulse purchases.
  • 82% of millennial dads own a smartphone and two-thirds of them own 3 or more devices, which they are using to get information instantaneously.
  • Video can play a key role in millennial dads’ purchasing decisions.

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