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SKUlocal at the Path to Purchase Expo

SKUlocal continued its successful disruption of the shopper marketing advertising marketplace by featuring as a key exhibitor at this year’s Path to Purchase Institute (P2PI) shopper expo. SKUlocal was featured as an editor’s choice exhibitor by partnering with veteran social influencer, Kelly Snyder, to give a compelling presentation referencing the unique Omni-channel value proposition that SKUlocal has been leveraging to drive success for valued partners.  The significant booth traffic and well-attended happy hour truly showcased the power behind the collective sales team’s relationships and the value a partnership with P2PI can bring. Team lead, Jay Loeffler said, “We are building the best team in the business and the competition is starting to take notice. Tremendous client relationships and sales-skill, creative marketing expertise, and a unique, shopper-driven value proposition is making SKUlocal a fast leader in the industry, reflected by our significant growth and expanding retail network.”

Click to watch highlights from event: