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Leverage the Power of Your Deal Through Social Media

Leverage the Power of Your Deal Through Social Media

The number of mobile coupon users is steadily climbing; now up by 33% to more than 47 million, while digital coupons have grown to an astounding 100 million. On average, consumers in the U.S. are likely to spend two hours or more online looking for more deals. The numbers continue to rise as time goes on, especially given the growing emphasis of micro-moments and mobile shopping. It goes without saying that coupons make good marketing, but coupons need to be marketed well, so it should be no surprise that using coupons with social media is a tactic that’s on the rise.

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about how you can harness the power of social media to bring resounding success to your marketing campaign. Depending on the way you’re running your digital coupon campaign, this can be vital—with ad blockers on the rise, quality content and delivered, qualified coupons are the way you’ll reach your audience.

Let the Platform Offer Coupons for You

Given the growing drive toward social shopping, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that social media channels offer onboard methods of distributing coupons or other offers. In the same way that you can purchase in-stream ads for these platforms, you can purchase offer space. This can provide a range of abilities that stretch beyond simply sharing a coupon through that network. Here’s some examples from the biggest brands:

  • Facebook — Facebook’s Offers are fairly straightforward, following in the footsteps of their Ads. The platform does offer the ability to “gate” an offer and limit it to certain people as well as tools to optimize its news feed reach.
  • Yelp — Yelp offers two different options, Deals and Gift Certificates (referred to simply as Deals), or Check-in Offers. Deals allow you to offer attractive discounts which users purchase through Yelp itself, while Check-in Offers reward new customers and returning ones alike.
  • Twitter — The platform is utilizing the Twitter Offers as the first step toward an ultimate Twitter commerce platform. It’s built to work best with mobile wallets, albeit not exclusively. It puts the coupon into a user’s feed, and then when the user selects it, attaches the deal directly to their payment card of choice; the offer is applied directly upon payment with no further action from the customer required.

Drive Traffic, Drive Engagement

Even if you’re not utilizing the tools the platforms themselves offer, using coupons with social media still offers an irreplaceable driver for engagement and traffic within your social channels and on your site. The most inherent form of this is sharing, but that’s certainly not the limit. Users may click through, and even without taking advantage of the coupon, they’ll be exposed to your brand in a positive light. It may even lead to webrooming that results in purchases later. Even better, however, is the fact that posting new content about your offers, followers resharing your offers, and the results this has on your site traffic will turn and boost your SEO rankings.

Keep Coupons Mobile for Mobile Customers

In the age of micro-moments, you already know just how mobile your customers have become, and the extent to which they use their device in-store as a part of their shopping process. This is further highlighted by the ways people are finding their digital coupons: 28% by visiting a brand or retailer site from their device, 30% from a brand or retailer app, and 33% from a coupon and offers app. A growing 40% of all smartphone users utilize their platforms of choice from their device, which, of course, doesn’t account for other mobile devices like tablets, so when using coupons with social media, it’s imperative that your coupons be mobile compatible, both in the way the offer is delivered to the customer, and the way that the customer must redeem the coupon.

Tracking and Positioning for Success

Advanced digital tracking technologies have made it possible to ensure the security of offers outside of traditional digital couponing methods (e.g., specialized software or registration) while still giving you traction to determine success specific to a target audience or channel per coupon. That’s because to properly access the offer, users need to be logged in to their social media account, providing a level of validation that you don’t need to worry about within your company.

The way you’re positioning your coupons are about more than just platforms and tracking. Your customers are looking for offers that become more and more personalized—85% of customers expect their offers to be based on previous purchases and tailored with psychographic data. Formats as well as personalization actually lead to more shares. Furthermore, positioning your coupons around local and national events or holidays—whether that means the latest blockbuster superhero movie (comic shops) or traditional shopping splurges (Christmas)—give consumers extra reason to not only be interested, but share your offers.

Whether you deliver coupons that are accessible to customers via completing tasks, or simply make the coupons available using platform tools, the benefits are of using coupons with social media are unmistakable. Now that you’ve got a better idea about why you should harness the power of social media for your next coupon marketing campaign, you should audit your current marketing schedule and determine if using coupons with social media will benefit the plans you have in place.