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How Our Themed Programs Can Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

How Our Themed Programs Can Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Whether you sell kayaks, printer toner, or flu medicine, seasonality can–and does–play a huge role in many aspects of your business and marketing. Knowing when to advertise, so that you’re able to reach the maximum number of interested consumers at the best possible time is key to reaching your marketing ROI goals.

At Cox Target Media, we’ve identified five times to advertise throughout the year where consumer responsiveness is at its peak. While this is not an all-encompassing list, it’s a great place for many brands to tap into the seasonal changes that affect consumer behavior.

What are Themed Circulars / Merchandising Events With Cox Target Media?

We utilize a time tested, research proven strategy for direct mail that puts our eye catching, 8-12 page circulars into 10 million homes nationwide, up to five times a year. Because we limit the frequency of our mailings to five key merchandising periods annually, consumers actually look forward to receiving our themed circulars, which help them save money on the kinds of purchases they were already planning on making!

So when are these focused times of year to? Our highly skilled team of market researchers and analysts has determined the following schedule:

  • 2015 Holiday Season – October / November
  • 2016 New Year – January
  • 2016 Spring – March/April
  • 2016 Summer – June / July
  • 2016 Back-to-School – July / August

Of course, it’s hardly a secret that these periods see heightened consumer spending. With the deluge of advertisements consumers receive during these times of year, it’s important to be efficient with your marketing.

To maximize results, Cox Target Media utilizes a highly targeted distribution model with a tight radius around A/B county retailers. We look at where your stores are located, where the competition’s stores are located, and look at a variety of factors including household demographic information, brand affinity, and drive time to determine the most impactful audience for your campaign.

Part of an Integrated Offering

As with any marketing effort, a direct mail campaign should be undertaken in a way that is consistent with your brand’s message and overall marketing goals.Our marketing team understands this, and we want to see your campaign succeed.

Unlike other print offerings, we offer a direct mail solution that is highly targetable, retailer branded, and comes with performance reporting, so you can actually see the effects of your campaign.

Additionally, our integrated offering doesn’t just stop at print. It includes our digital and social channels. That means you can extend the reach of your campaign. Our army of 1,000 social media experts with collective reach of 30 million consumers can vastly increase your brand’s engagement over every social media channel. Whether you’re looking to drive digital signups, target niche categories, or offer our digital coupons secured via Inmar technology, our integrated approach has you covered.

If you’re looking to take your brand’s marketing to the next level, our seasonally themed, highly targetable, digitally integrated programs are just what you need. Get in touch with a representative today to learn more.