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How Digital Research Impacts the Millennial Mom’s In-Store Purchases

How Digital Research Impacts the Millennial Mom’s In-Store Purchases

The millennial mom doesn’t do her shopping the same way her mom did. The millennial mom is doing digital research on her mobile device, using apps that allow her to compare products and prices. Some millennial moms will make their purchases digitally, but nearly twice as many will do their research online and then buy in-store.

Who is the millennial mom?

Depending on whom you ask, the definition of a millennial can cover a broad range of the population, encompassing anyone born between 1980 and 2005. However, a narrower definition is often used, with a millennial described as a person born between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s. That means the millennial mom doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t have access to digital devices. She and the digital world have grown up together.

Millennial moms account for approximately 90% of all new moms, but she has typically waited longer than her own mother before starting a family. She’s likely to have a college degree and be working full-time, and she considers her smartphone to be a shopping accessory. She’s looking for reviews, coupons, and the opinions of other moms. Adweek reports that 51% of millennial moms say that a recommendation from other millennial moms is an important criteria when choosing products for their family. Because she’s juggling her children’s schedules and is often multitasking, she’s looking for ways to be efficient. Millennial moms are also looking for a seamless shopping experience, and they expect products, pricing, and content to be accessible across channels.

Millennial mom shopping behavior is closely tied to her smartphone. She’s using it to:

  • Search for coupons
  • Compare Prices
  • Look for recipes
  • Text family and friends to get their opinions
  • Read product reviews
  • Buy products online

49% of millennial moms say they look for brands that align with their values. 30% say they prefer brands that are active in the community — whether it’s the local community or global community — and are environmentally responsible. They’re also looking for personalization and a relationship with a brand. 58% of millennial moms say it’s important to them that brands understand what matters to them as parents. In addition, they’re seeking products that fit into their lifestyles.

Millennial moms prefer to research products digitally

Millennial moms are doing digital research before they go shopping, looking for ideas and comparing prices, but also looking for ways to be more efficient. They’re relying on their smartphone for the information they need. Millennial moms spend over 6 hours a day using their smartphone. According to research by Roth Capital Partners, 75% of millennial moms research products on their smartphone while they’re out shopping. They’re looking for better prices, downloading coupons and reading reviews.

But they prefer to purchase in-store

In a survey of millennial moms, 43% said they prefer to do their research digitally and then buy in-store, while 22% make their purchases online, while only 40% of millennial dads say they prefer to buy online. Moms prefer to actually see a product before they commit to purchasing it, while dads tend to want to get their shopping done and move on. In addition, moms are more likely to be bargain hunters, meaning they will research prices online for the purpose of knowing a good deal when they see it in-store.

Factors driving millennial moms to buy in-store include the desire for personal interaction, instant gratification, convenience — they routinely shop at the store anyway — hassle-free returns, and the tactile experience of touching the item before purchasing it, a factor cited by 51% of those surveyed. Factors influencing the decision to buy online involve the ability to find a better selection and convenience.

What this means for marketing

70% of moms see themselves as the primary decision maker for their family. One in five moms are a millennial and 90% of new moms are millennials. If the millennial mom is part of your target market, it’s essential to ensure that your marketing is speaking to them. Brands must create content that answers her questions and validates her decisions. Millennial moms are highly connected, using, on average, 3 different social media accounts, spending over 17 hours per week on social media sites, and using their social networks to seek and share opinions.

This means that marketers need to be creative, innovative, and tech-savvy. It’s important for brands to become thought leaders by offering relevant content that millennial moms find useful and shareable. In addition to advertising, brands must understand and embrace the importance of blogs, social media content, and videos as a way to reach millennial moms.

Ensure that the content on your website — your products, services, and other information — is optimized for the keywords millennial moms are searching for. Use social media to complement and enhance your online advertising and content. It’s worth the time and money to invest in targeted search and paid social media marketing that provides the ability for you to target a very specific segment of your market.

Finally, remember that not only is the millennial mom different from her own mom, she also should not be stereotyped. Millennial moms can be ethnically and culturally different from each other, and they don’t like being put into a box. Brands need to reach millennial moms where they are — usually online — and speak to them in a way that resonates with their unique characteristics.