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Cox Target Media® Mailing Gets Eye-Opening 288% Return on Investment for Walmart Vision Centers

Marketing Objective

To measure the effect of a series of Cox Target Media mailings on sales and total number of units sold for select Walmart Vision Centers.

Mailing Strategy/Campaign

  • 200,000 homes within a 5-mile radius of test stores mailed twice during 8-week period
  • Consumers received everyday low-price message

Test Results

  • 14.9% increase in sales at test stores versus control stores
  • 16.2% increase in units sold in test stores versus control stores
  • 288% average return on investment for test stores


Even though no specific discount was offered, the test results show that Cox Target Media was instrumental in driving both increased sales and units sold. The targeted Cox Target Media audience was motivated to respond to the Walmart Vision Centers ad message and delivered an impressive ROI.

In addition, the second of the two mailings produced higher sales and number of units sold than the first mail drop, indicating that advertising frequency affected campaign outcome.