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Valpak® Direct Mail Brings in Foot Traffic for National Grocery Chain

Marketing Objective

To measure the effectiveness of Valpak in generating coupon redemptions and higher average tickets and sales.

Mailing Strategy/Campaign

  • 460,000 homes mailed twice within 2 markets
  • 200,000 homes in Portland, OR mailed $10 off $50 or more
  • 30,000 homes in Spokane, WA mailed $5 off $30 or more offer
  • Test and control stores were geographically distant from one another and had similar sales trends and demographic/consumer behaviors.

Test Results

  • 2.4% redemption rate for Valpak offer
  • 3x higher average ticket with Valpak offer
  • 10% increase in sales with Valpak offer


The test results confirm the Valpak audience is highly responsive to offers in the grocery store category. With a large number of redemptions at a greater average ticket, the campaign reached the right audience and increased sales.