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Valpak® Consumer Packaged Goods Offers Drive 70% More Redemptions for Woolite® than Average Co-Op

Marketing Objective

To evaluate Valpak direct mail redemption rates for consumer packaged goods (CPG) offers.

Mailing Strategy/Campaign

  • 1 million homes mailed two versions of a single-panel insert in 9 markets
  • Homes selected based on: likelihood to use Woolite rug cleaner brands, dog ownership and presence of children in home
  • $1 off any Woolite cleaner purchase offer for both Valpak and FSI competitor mailing

Test Results

  • 17% redemption rate over 3-month life of Valpak offer
  • 44% of redemptions (22% each) from Walmart and Kroger grocery stores, followed by Target, Meijer and Safeway
  • 32% of redemptions at discount stores


The Valpak mailings performed well with redemptions keeping pace with FSIs. The 0.17%  redemption rate was particularly competitive when compared with the average direct mail co-op redemption rate of 0.1%. Valpak redemption rates outperformed FSIs in the first three weeks of the campaign, showing that Valpak consumers are quick responders. In addition, the campaign was successful in driving traffic to discount and grocery stores, making Valpak a viable CPG option to move product quickly or launch new products.