Valpak® Direct Mail Brings in Foot Traffic for National Grocery Chain

Marketing Objective To measure the effectiveness of Valpak in generating coupon redemptions and higher average tickets and sales. Mailing Strategy/Campaign 460,000 homes mailed twice within 2 markets 200,000 homes in Portland, OR mailed $10 off $50 or more 30,000 homes in Spokane, WA mailed $5 off $30 or more offer Test and control stores were geographically distant… Read More

Valpak® Targeting Generates 16% Increase in Sales for Frozen Seafood Company

Marketing Objective To measure the effect of Valpak targeting on consumer response and sales. Mailing Strategy/Campaign 150,000 homes mailed 3-panel flyer with client recipes and 2 offers: 75¢ off company’s core product line, 60¢ off any one package of grilled fillets Homes selected based on proximity to store location and profile of consumers who chose manufacturer’s brand most office and had children in… Read More

Valpak® Consumer Packaged Goods Offers Drive 70% More Redemptions for Woolite® than Average Co-Op

Marketing Objective To evaluate Valpak direct mail redemption rates for consumer packaged goods (CPG) offers. Mailing Strategy/Campaign 1 million homes mailed two versions of a single-panel insert in 9 markets Homes selected based on: likelihood to use Woolite rug cleaner brands, dog ownership and presence of children in home $1 off any Woolite cleaner purchase offer for both Valpak… Read More