4 Challenges That Affect Supplier-Retailer Partnerships

If the evolution of omnichannel offered a single, undeniable truth, it would be that your shoppers are literally everywhere. But with this shift in shopping habits comes the other side of the eCommerce coin: you need thriving supplier-retailer collaboration to keep the proverbial wheels turning. Furthermore, mistakes or obstacles in the supply chain won’t stay… Read More

Case Study: Trader Joe’s Discount Grocer’s Success Story

During a time when many brick-and-mortar retailers are feeling the pressure from e-commerce and retail giants such as Walmart, Trader Joe’s has relied on simplicity, value and a fun shopping experience to remain competitive. Other grocery retailers, especially discount grocers, can learn from the Trader Joe’s case study. While many others, such as Safeway and… Read More

How to Choose the Best Challenger Brand Strategy

The world is filled with bold upstarts that are nipping at the heels of larger, traditional brands. These challenger brands tend to have a way of finding their core audience and then amplifying their message, often by disrupting their respective spaces. They do this through a variety of ways, but it often comes down to… Read More

5 Brands Leveraging AR to Tell Their Story

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming the way brands market to shoppers. Forward-thinking brands have capitalized on this opportunity, using the technology to reach shoppers in new, innovative, and immersive ways. National brands have discovered the power of AR, and offered memorable experiences to their shoppers in order to drive deeper engagement. Whether it’s through pop-up… Read More

3 Dollar-Store Brands Leading the Way (And What Others Can Learn From Them)

Whether it’s due to the popular “treasure hunt” experience, desire for convenience or a growing assortment of products, discount shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to IRI data, as reported by Beverage Industry Magazine, the dollar channel grew 2.2% in dollar sales and 1.3% for unit sales last year. These discount shoppers are… Read More

Integrate Social Media Into Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

For the ultimate brand ambassadors, many companies trust social media influencers to build their online presence and strengthen loyalty to the company. These influencers directly engage the target audiences of a brand using online discussions, videos and other types of content through social media platforms. Its rise in popularity has made this type of marketing… Read More

How to Leverage Emerging Tech to Enhance Brand Storytelling

Let’s face it, there are many different options for shoppers today. From store brands that are seizing control of the shelf space to online shopping behemoths that are stealing away market share — gaining and keeping the mental awareness of your shoppers is more difficult than ever before. Shoppers are not only looking for a… Read More

What is Retailtainment and Why Does It Matter?

Retailtainment helps to enrich the shopping experience with entertainment activities unique to your brand. Although this infusion of retail and entertainment is not a new concept, this practice is trending again as retailers look to attract more visitors into the store. Despite the popularity of online shopping, many people prefer to visit physical stores to… Read More

Why Collaboration Is Important for Both Brands and Retailers

Today’s shoppers have gained more control over their purchase power due mostly to technology. And as they gain more insight into the products and services they’re offered, more brands are shifting their focus from a retailer-first approach to a shopper-centric strategy. As a result, the need for collaboration between brands and retailers is stronger now… Read More

3 Key Ways to Promote Transparency with Health-Conscious Shoppers

Over the last several years, the demand for transparency has become huge. The concept has evolved from being a buzzword to a mandate for shoppers in every industry. And this is especially true for the health-conscious shopper. Who Are Health-Conscious Shoppers? In retail, these are typically people who are concerned about their health, and tend… Read More