4 Stunning Examples of In-Store Storytelling

Competition in the retail industry gets stronger every year. Not only are there rival brands to contend with, but competing sales channels. E-commerce and subscription services are especially strong channel-level competitors. In order to keep up, brands must continually give shoppers reasons to come into the store and shop instead of choosing what they may… Read More

How Discount Grocers Balance Value and Efficiency to Attract Shoppers

Discount grocers are enjoying massive success in the U.S., despite the long-standing presence of several major grocery retailers. Their success is projected to increase, as Supermarket News reported that discount sales will rise from $74.8 billion in 2016 to $101.2 billion by 2021. The key to this continuous growth is that they have been highly… Read More

5 Ways to Transform Modern Grocers into Experiential Destinations

Because online store options have become so vast and convenient for shoppers, actual physical locations are evolving the shopper experience within their walls. One industry that has become a hub for experiential destinations are modern grocery retailers. These grocery retailers are adding innovative features that effectively attract new shoppers into the store, make existing shoppers… Read More

4 Strategies Driving the Resurgence of Dollar Stores

There was a time when going to the dollar store was something that only a small portion of the population was willing to do. In large part, today’s dollar stores offer a completely different experience with open and airy locations, big-name brands and the convenience that shoppers need in order to fit that last-minute purchase… Read More

The Story Behind Sprouts’ Commitment to “Responsible Retailing”

Numerous discount grocers are competing for market share in the modern grocery industry. To stand out and gain loyal shoppers, Sprouts Farmers Market is defining itself as “responsible retailing” to reach its audience of health-conscious consumers. This model puts a focus on running a business in a conscientious way that makes social and environmental welfare… Read More

4 Ways Cross-Channel Communication Can Increase Retail ROI

Direct collaboration between retailers and suppliers can improve their success in boosting conversion rates and sales figures across the board. Unfortunately, collaboration and open communication with suppliers hasn’t always been a top priority for retailers. But that’s beginning to change. The fact is, cross-channel communication is key to optimizing the shopping experience and increasing conversions… Read More

What Emerging Brands Can Learn From Successful Challenger Brands

From the baby food maker Plum Organics to the natural beauty product brand The Honest Company, many challenger brands have made their mark within their respective industries – capturing shoppers’ attention and gaining market share from their competitors. Just think about how the upstart vitamin company Olly has successfully contested industry monoliths such as Nature… Read More

3 Ways Dollar Stores Are Disrupting the Retail Space

In an age when many retailers are feeling the pressure from eCommerce giant Amazon, there is growth sprouting from a very unlikely segment: dollar stores. These discount retailers are not only expanding, but they’re also dominating brick-and-mortar retail. And while many physical stores are closing their doors, leading dollar store brands like Dollar General, Dollar… Read More

How Millennials Are Driving Transparency for CPG Brands

Millennials will soon be surpassing the Boomer generation, making them the largest living adult generation in the United States. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are paying attention to this shift. In 2019, the millennial population is expected to increase to 73 million, while the Boomer population will drop to 72 million. As their numbers soar,… Read More