Michael Vivio

President, SKUlocal

Since being named president of SKUlocal in 2010, Michael has continued to build the business across print, digital and mobile platforms. He has emphasized the importance of growth through improved content for our consumers and an integrated approach to print and digital advertising with our clients. In 2012, Michael led the acquisition of online savings giant Savings.com. Before joining SKUlocal, Michael was the publisher at the Austin American-Statesman and CEO of the Statesman Co.

Craig O’Neill

Head of Sales

Craig joined Savings.com in 2009, built a power sales team and grew revenue by 600% before selling the company to SKUlocal in 2012. In the process, his team won all three major affiliate awards for top publisher.

Jay Loeffler

Sr. Director, National Accounts – CPG, OTC, Retail Grocery

With more than 10 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in a broad range of business sectors, Jay is a motivational leader with a proven track record of driving sales growth and positive change.

Mike Hayes

Director, National Sales

Mike directs the national sales team with a focus on core print and digital products. Prior to this position, Mike led a team of sales coaches responsible for supporting revenue efforts within the Valpak franchise network.

Chris Cate

Chief Operating Officer

Chris is responsible for leading SKUlocal digital product strategies and technical development. He oversees an information technology & support services (ITSS) team that builds and supports all technology platforms for franchises, merchants, employees and consumers. In addition, Chris plays a leading role in emerging technologies, digital transformation and related new business development — all geared toward generating revenue for SKUlocal. Chris joined SKUlocal in 1988 and has held several IT leadership positions including vice president of information systems and director of information systems.

Dave Fox

Executive Vice President, Operations

David is responsible for manufacturing, supply chain, content & design and client services, as well as leveraging our production capabilities and identifying operational efficiencies in our company. David was one of the key project directors in the planning, design, construction and systems integration of SKUlocal’s manufacturing center. Since joining the company in 1996, David has served as senior vice president of manufacturing & advertiser content, vice president of manufacturing & corporate strategy and in various leadership positions in information technology support services, including the director of management information systems.

Matt Biasini

Senior Vice President, Finance

Matt is responsible for all finance and accounting for SKUlocal. He is also responsible for our business intelligence, business planning & analytics and legal functions. Before being promoted to his current position in 2013, Matt was vice president of sales planning & analysis. In that role, he was instrumental in the development of many of our current pricing and incentive programs. He also previously served as director of business planning & development and director of strategic planning. Matt joined SKUlocal in 2004 as a franchise financial consultant.

Rick McElwain

Executive Vice President, Franchise Revenue

Rick is responsible for strategic growth, sales strategy and wholesale revenues generated in the SKUlocal franchise network. He leads a team that includes franchise development, sales coaches, franchise sales, network relations, franchise operations, sales training and other field support services. These teams help develop and implement strategic business sales plans, facilitate the sale of franchised locations, manage franchise incentive programs, and coordinate regional mail schedules. Since joining the company in 2003, Rick has served as senior vice president of franchise development and vice president of the owned and operated division.

Nancy Cook

Senior Vice President, Franchise Development

Nancy is responsible for day-to-day franchise sales development operations and for franchise implementation and adoption of all print and digital products. She oversees franchise development, sales training, franchise operations and our sales coaches. Previously, Nancy was senior vice president of digital business solutions, leading digital product development, platforms and strategic partnerships. She also was vice president of sales operations, vice president of retail business solutions, and served as general manager of Valpak of Tampa Bay and Valpak of Jacksonville. Nancy joined SKUlocal in 1996 as director of client services.

Janet Kolb

Vice President, Human Resources

Janet is responsible for all human resources functions for SKUlocal. She oversees employee relations, cultural competence, benefits, compensation, recruiting and hiring, security, and environmental health and safety. Janet works to align our HR strategies and programs with our corporate objectives. She’s also responsible for driving organizational change and business results through our employee and leadership development programs and cultural competence initiatives. She and her team foster inclusion and cross-cultural skills to grow the diversity of our workforce and suppliers. Before joining SKUlocal in 1991, Janet was personnel manager for the Auto Trader for eight years.