Coupons Continued (And Growing) Influence Over Major Purchasing Decisions

Coupons influence purchase decisions made by consumers across age and income demographics. Consumer behavior has evolved, especially with the rise of smartphones and mobile culture, but that’s done nothing to diminish consumer appreciation for discounts and coupons. Coupons and Discounts Have the Greatest Impact While many factors can be a major influence on internet user… Read More

What We Can Learn from Successful Snapchat Fashion and Retail Brands

As a marketer, you know that one of the keys to effective marketing is to reach your target market where they are. That means reaching them on social media, using mobile-friendly advertising, and developing an understanding of digital platforms. Since its introduction five years ago, Snapchat has grown in popularity and now has approximately 160… Read More

What Uber Can Teach Us About Innovation

Innovation is key to all kinds of success, yet business innovation seems to be difficult to discuss. Ask 15 different experts what innovation is, and you’ll get 15 different answers, yet at the same time, innovative companies are easy to recognize. Innovative brands are often disruptive and change the status quo, like brands in the… Read More

What Millennials are Actually Spending Their Money On

The term “millennials” — or Generation Y — is loosely defined as those born between the early to mid-1980s through the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Currently numbering about 75 million in the United States, they now represent the largest living generation. It’s estimated that they have over $1 trillion of spending power, and millennial spending… Read More

How Digital Research Impacts the Millennial Mom’s In-Store Purchases

The millennial mom doesn’t do her shopping the same way her mom did. The millennial mom is doing digital research on her mobile device, using apps that allow her to compare products and prices. Some millennial moms will make their purchases digitally, but nearly twice as many will do their research online and then buy… Read More

Testing Taggable Products: How Instagram Could Change Social Selling

Influencer marketing is key to brand perception. When consumers are browsing online for products to purchase, 31% turn to social media making social platforms second only to retailer websites. Of consumers that follow retailers on social media, 56% of them do so to view products and be exposed to new services. This indicates is that… Read More

Using Advanced Technologies in Retail to Keep Up with Evolving Consumer Behavior

Evolving consumer behavior is what drives retail forward, both in tactics and technology. The future of retail now lies with emerging technologies such as AI, AR, mobile, and immersive, interactive media. Successful Applications of Technology Predictions put global spend for cognitive systems alone (i.e., AI) at more than $30 billion by 2019, and this is… Read More

The Hashtag Community: Why People Love Sharing What they Bought

Retailers view brand communities as part of their marketing strategy that supports goals across the company. A brand community exists to serve the people in it and helps to meet the needs of the community. Brand communities, whether online or offline, help build your brand, build loyalty, and help to generate ideas to grow your… Read More