What YouTube Red Means for Marketers

YouTube is best known for being an ad-supported social video site that’s free to the average user, and it’s become the home of a host of social influencers who are, themselves, supported in part by the ads aired with their videos. However, YouTube has started to shake up the paradigm by creating the alternative paywalled… Read More

Why Subscription-Based Services Are the Future of Retail

Subscription services are immensely popular. The subscription-based service industry is extremely fragmented, so it can be hard to get a real glimpse into how much it’s grown. As of early 2016, there were roughly 2,000 subscription box services in the U.S. alone, and between 2013 and 2016, the number of visits to subscription box sites… Read More

Busy Consumer Behavior: How Being Time-Starved Changes the Way We Shop

If convenience and low-friction sales are the name of the game in retail, then time-starved shoppers are the likely cause behind it. People are busier than ever, and it’s causing shifts in shopper behavior that your company should be addressing. We’ll give you an overview of the time-starved shopper, a glimpse at how it’s impacting… Read More

Why and How Video Marketing Is Critical to Retailers

Video marketing is becoming increasingly important, and not just because a third of all the time people spend with online channels is used watching video. It provides a critical touchpoint for influencing shoppers along their path to purchase, as they look for videos to help them understand brands and products as well as to make… Read More

Product Personalization: A Winning Strategy in the Data Driven Market

Nearly all brands (96%) believe that personalization helps advance shopper relationships. Because 75% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that can recognize them across a number of factors such as purchase history, the only surprise is that the number of businesses isn’t 100%. In fact, 56% of people say they’re more… Read More

The Pros and Cons of a Retail Trend: Build-to-Order Products

Big box and ecommerce stores constantly review retail trends to try to find the best ways to stand out from the competition and capture shopper attention. By leveraging the best forecasting they have available, they can see which tactics best suit their budget, inventory capabilities, and shopper pain points. For some brands, that means applying… Read More

Protecting Consumer Data to Combat the Fear of Over-Connectivity

Like most areas of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) has boomed quickly, offering shoppers a variety of devices, ways to communicate, and even ways to shop. Unfortunately, it’s also brought a fair amount of risk. The connected shopper has a reasonable fear of over-connectivity, meaning brands should take initiative to protect shopper data. This… Read More

How CPG and Grocery Can Thrive When Eating Out Is In

In 2016, the amount Americans spent on dining out surpassed the amount they spent eating at home for the first time. With more than one million restaurant locations to choose from and a rebounding economy, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the case. Grocery and CPG companies want to reestablish their position in… Read More

Retail Robotics: Current and Future State

One of the latest trends in retail technology is the retail robot. Some companies have had robots in place for a while; Amazon is a fantastic example because of the way it operates around 30,000 of them in its warehouses. However, we’re starting to see retail robotics in store, and while robots as a tool… Read More

How Technology Has Revolutionized Food Delivery

The food delivery landscape has been undergoing significant change in the last few years. No longer limited to pizza or Chinese food, shoppers can now choose pre-portioned meal packages they can prepare themselves or have fully prepared meals from their favorite restaurant delivered to their door. Food delivery technology allows consumers to plan ahead or… Read More