4 Tips to Exceed Shopper Expectations by Boosting Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

Today’s savvy shoppers may not be willing to expend extra effort to enjoy their favorite brands. Instead, they’re much more likely to select a different brand or a new product altogether. Massive online retailers such as Amazon.com are deepening their ability to leverage their private label brands to cut out the middleman – something that… Read More

How Top Grocery Retailers are Winning in the Health Food Market

A shift towards healthier eating is good for more than American families, and it’s also good for retailers. There is a fundamental change underway in how individuals nourish their bodies, and some retailers are taking full advantage of this opportunity by revving up sales and boosting their fan base. According to a 2017 study by… Read More

The Strategy Behind Storytelling: 5 Brands Leading the Charge

Given the role that CPG brands play in consumers’ daily lives, storytelling is a powerful way to connect with shoppers and influence their purchase decisions. It should  permeate every shopper communication, whether it’s advertising, your website and social media, or your in-store signage. It’s even a key part of why challenger brands are able to… Read More

Foster Collaboration by Building Trust Between Retailers and Suppliers

A lack of trust can damage even the best relationships – personal or business – and retailers and suppliers are feeling these growing pains on a regular basis as they look for more ways to collaborate. Creating a shared understanding of goals is the first step in a long journey that includes data integrations, negotiations… Read More

Strategies for Shopper Marketers to Meet Online Shopping Trends

You don’t have to look far to see the new trends in the CPG and grocery sectors: from meal-kit delivery services to e-commerce grocery shopping, online ordering and pickup to high-tech advances that are hitting at a near-constant rate. Marketing to shoppers is becoming a full-contact sport, where the brand who has the best understanding… Read More

Retail is Shifting: 5 Steps to Create Value in Your Emerging Brand Strategy

As a CPG brand, you may have noticed a shift in the conversation when sitting down to negotiate with retailers. They’re starting to demand more, and they’re taking a more aggressive approach when making their demands. According to McKinsey & Company, this changing power dynamic can be traced back to three major trends: Stagnant growth… Read More

How Influencer Marketing Positively Impacts ROI

Influencer marketing is a term that is passed around in a great number of marketing plans but only rarely implemented. Do you truly understand the ROI that can be achieved by activating your consumers via their favorite social media personalities and brands? Today’s shoppers are looking for more than a pretty website when they research… Read More

How Niche Marketing and Micro-Targeting Pay Off for Brands and Retailers

With the rising focus on natural and organic, there has been a tidal wave of successful niche brands emerging. Where once a small brand that was focused on a specific type of food — paleo, for instance — may have struggled to scale, today’s micro-audiences are open and eager to accept challenger brands. These new… Read More

The Attraction Between Millennials and Deep Discount Grocers

The grocery industry is facing a lot of change from a variety of different fronts. Not least of these is the deep discount grocer, which was once relegated to the lowest-income, cash-strapped shopper demographics. Deep discounters are taking inspiration from format successes in Europe while leveraging the latest shopper habits to challenge the traditional supermarket… Read More