How Digital Research Impacts the Millennial Mom’s In-Store Purchases

The millennial mom doesn’t do her shopping the same way her mom did. The millennial mom is doing digital research on her mobile device, using apps that allow her to compare products and prices. Some millennial moms will make their purchases digitally, but nearly twice as many will do their research online and then buy… Read More

Testing Taggable Products: How Instagram Could Change Social Selling

Influencer marketing is key to brand perception. When consumers are browsing online for products to purchase, 31% turn to social media making social platforms second only to retailer websites. Of consumers that follow retailers on social media, 56% of them do so to view products and be exposed to new services. This indicates is that… Read More

Using Advanced Technologies in Retail to Keep Up with Evolving Consumer Behavior

Evolving consumer behavior is what drives retail forward, both in tactics and technology. The future of retail now lies with emerging technologies such as AI, AR, mobile, and immersive, interactive media. Successful Applications of Technology Predictions put global spend for cognitive systems alone (i.e., AI) at more than $30 billion by 2019, and this is… Read More

The Hashtag Community: Why People Love Sharing What they Bought

Retailers view brand communities as part of their marketing strategy that supports goals across the company. A brand community exists to serve the people in it and helps to meet the needs of the community. Brand communities, whether online or offline, help build your brand, build loyalty, and help to generate ideas to grow your… Read More

The Future of Augmented Reality In Retail

Digital technology is influencing the retail space at a rapid pace. The impact of augmented reality in retail industry spaces is currently seen in many areas, as we discussed in our last article. Using devices to marry the real world with a digital overlay, brands like Lowe’s help customers visualize products in 3D from the… Read More

What Exactly Do Consumers Like About Fitness Focused Wearables Anyway?

Fitness wearables are a booming industry. Like most technology, the trend is driven by constant innovation. Wearable technology can be seen to stretch back to the early 1500s, when the Nuremberg Egg became one of the first portable timekeeping devices, or even the 1600s, which saw the rise of the abacus ring in China. The… Read More

How Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Impacts What Consumers are Buying

The acronym “FOMO” — fear of missing out — is most often associated with social media and refers to the anxiety caused by reading other people’s posts about where they are and what they’re doing. For marketers, FOMO can be an asset — and is not limited to social media. A message on your website,… Read More

How Brands Can Effectively Use Retail Pop-Ups

The constant connectivity that consumers experience makes it harder for retailers to stand out because it increases competition to the point that having a unique product or service isn’t always enough to be noticed. The defining factor becomes the customer experience, so much so that some projections expect experience to completely trump price and product… Read More

The Perception of Value in Retail Goods

The perception of value in retail goods stems from the notion that the consumer believes (or doesn’t believe) a product will satisfy their needs. It becomes a complex synthesis in the mind of the consumer that includes price, brand and social proof. Because of this, retailers need to improve the price perception of goods to… Read More