How to Measure the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

An integral part of any marketing strategy is the ability to monitor and measure its effectiveness. Influencer marketing is no different. You must know what is working and what isn’t in order to be able to make the necessary adjustments. In a recent Linqia report, 92% of marketers who utilized influencer marketing found that it… Read More

Key Ways to Market Your Grocery Brand Through Food Influencers

Using influencers to draw attention to a brand and create trust can provide an effective marketing strategy. This is a top method many retailers use to attract shoppers and promote products, as 91% of luxury brands and over 80% of retail, beauty, activewear and hospitality brands are using it. It also provides a rewarding return… Read More

4 Ways Discount Grocers Attract Repeat Shoppers

The obvious reason for the success of the discount retail channel, particularly deep discount grocers, is that the prices appeal to shoppers. While that is an important factor, it is not the only one. Beyond price and convenience, these grocers are showing themselves to be smart about understanding and connecting with their target audience. They… Read More

How to Use Micro-Influencers to Drive Increased Brand Engagement

Social media has changed the way many brands are marketing their business. Audience likes and comments have become the benchmarks that measure the success of a campaign, but trust is established through the relationships that brands have with industry influencers. Although many people assume that those with millions of followers are most influential, research is… Read More

How Grocers Can Use Organic Produce to Drive Shoppers to Center-Store

Global and US organic food sales only continue to grow, with sales totaling a record-high of $49.4 billion in 2017, according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2018 Organic Industry Survey. However, there is one specific category that’s not only leading organic sales continued growth, but it can be used to drive revenue in other organic… Read More

4 Stunning Examples of In-Store Storytelling

Competition in the retail industry gets stronger every year. Not only are there rival brands to contend with, but competing sales channels. E-commerce and subscription services are especially strong channel-level competitors. In order to keep up, brands must continually give shoppers reasons to come into the store and shop instead of choosing what they may… Read More

How Discount Grocers Balance Value and Efficiency to Attract Shoppers

Discount grocers are enjoying massive success in the U.S., despite the long-standing presence of several major grocery retailers. Their success is projected to increase, as Supermarket News reported that discount sales will rise from $74.8 billion in 2016 to $101.2 billion by 2021. The key to this continuous growth is that they have been highly… Read More

5 Ways to Transform Modern Grocers into Experiential Destinations

Because online store options have become so vast and convenient for shoppers, actual physical locations are evolving the shopper experience within their walls. One industry that has become a hub for experiential destinations are modern grocery retailers. These grocery retailers are adding innovative features that effectively attract new shoppers into the store, make existing shoppers… Read More

4 Strategies Driving the Resurgence of Dollar Stores

There was a time when going to the dollar store was something that only a small portion of the population was willing to do. In large part, today’s dollar stores offer a completely different experience with open and airy locations, big-name brands and the convenience that shoppers need in order to fit that last-minute purchase… Read More

The Story Behind Sprouts’ Commitment to “Responsible Retailing”

Numerous discount grocers are competing for market share in the modern grocery industry. To stand out and gain loyal shoppers, Sprouts Farmers Market is defining itself as “responsible retailing” to reach its audience of health-conscious consumers. This model puts a focus on running a business in a conscientious way that makes social and environmental welfare… Read More