Why Collaboration Is Important for Both Brands and Retailers

Today’s shoppers have gained more control over their purchase power due mostly to technology. And as they gain more insight into the products and services they’re offered, more brands are shifting their focus from a retailer-first approach to a shopper-centric strategy. As a result, the need for collaboration between brands and retailers is stronger now… Read More

3 Key Ways to Promote Transparency with Health-Conscious Shoppers

Over the last several years, the demand for transparency has become huge. The concept has evolved from being a buzzword to a mandate for shoppers in every industry. And this is especially true for the health-conscious shopper. Who Are Health-Conscious Shoppers? In retail, these are typically people who are concerned about their health, and tend… Read More

Why Are Most Online Grocery Shoppers Still Buying In Store?

We are in the midst of a true revolution in grocery shopping that is disrupting the industry in an unprecedented way. With online grocery sales expected to make up 20% of the overall grocery sales in the next 5-7 years, retailers are scrambling for ways to differentiate their business from that of their competitors. Unsurprisingly,… Read More

Why Transparency is the Biggest Trend in Influencer Marketing

Transparency is a growing trend in many industries and sectors. However, when it comes to influencer marketing, it is more than a trend. That’s because it is the driving force behind measuring campaign effectiveness, controlling costs, and ensuring that influencers are meeting brands’ expectations. Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online acquisition channel. It is becoming… Read More

How Drug Stores Can Meet the Demands of Health-Conscious Shoppers

American shopping habits are constantly shifting, and the drug store industry is not immune to these changes. Therefore, like other retailers, drug stores have to find ways to keep up with shopper demands. And although spend per trip in drug stores has increased, shoppers are making fewer trips – indicating a major shift in the… Read More

The Power of Offline Shopping: Why Amazon Is Investing in Physical Stores

Amazon.com already dominates retail online, a sector with enormous growth recently and forecasted for the future. With everything going so well, why would Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos make the shift to begin investing in retail stores such as Whole Foods and Amazon Go? With their dominant online retail position and growth rates projected to exceed… Read More

Understanding Dollar Store Shoppers and What They Expect

You may be surprised to learn that dollar store shoppers are not so different from the broader spectrum of shoppers. While there may have been implications in the past that dollar store shoppers are unique, today’s Americans are often less concerned about the brand name on their receipt and more interested in the service, value,… Read More

7 Steps for Finding the Best Influencer for Your CPG Brand’s Vision

In today’s marketing landscape, influence is everything. Shoppers are increasingly distrustful of brands, and marketers are turning to influencers to help them intersect with shoppers across their path to purchase. According to Linqia’s Influencer Marketing Playbook, 70% of people using the internet prefer learning about products through content as opposed to traditional advertising. Another 77%… Read More

Collaborative Retail Planning: Your Checklist for a Successful Strategy

Collaboration is critical in business, but never has it been more important for retailers, CPG brands, and suppliers than in today’s omnichannel marketplace. Shoppers expect a seamless experience from their first interaction to their purchase (and beyond!) with little patience for potential blunders at any stage of the journey. In a world where shoppers’ preferences… Read More

The Online Shopping Habits of Today’s Baby Boomers

There’s a common misconception that Baby Boomers are somehow resistant to online shopping. However, Boomers are not only making online purchases in droves, but they are also spending more than younger generations based on the size of their shopping carts. And although each generation has its defined behaviors and traits in terms of online shopping,… Read More