SKUlocal engages targeted shoppers; not just nameless, faceless masses by identifying and adapting to changes in shopper behavior. Our disruptive portfolio cost-effectively connects with and measures who redeems or acts on an offer, not just how old they are or what their address is. Over the years, we’ve gleaned many insights into how shoppers think and behave when they’re shopping and buying. Insights we want to share with you.

Our mass reach, coupled with powerful, precise targeting and true consumer insights, drives measurable buying transactions across verticals, including consumer packaged goods (CPG) and omnichannel retail. SKUlocal can engage with shoppers at every stage of the cycle: consideration, purchase, even post-shop – helping our clients reach the right shoppers at just the right time.


Target smart to reach
the right customers

Reach your audience through our superior direct, mobile and digital portfolio of tools combined with a laser-focused, omnichannel approach that positions your business at every point of the shopper journey.

Targets & Tools